What's New
2013 marked  our 30th year in the landscape
business.  Here at
Cory's Landscaping, we
continue to provide a complete lawn and
landscape service tailored to your personal
needs. Call or email us today for a free
LANDSCAPE RENOVATION: I've looked at jobs where replanting
wasn't needed.  Cutting back certain shrubs and small trees to
"renovate" the landscape can save you money over re-planting.  A
plan to rejuvenate the location can transform your yard.  Once
completed, homeowners often realize just how much sunlight the
overgrowth was blocking and can now see out of their house
windows.  We took a large spruce tree down a few years ago for a
customer, and they kept mentioning to us about how great it was to
get sunlight into their living room again.
LAWN CORE AERATION: Compaction is killer when it comes to turf.  High traffic areas create this
problem.  It creates a breeding ground for weeds and crabgrass.  You can chemically treat these
areas, but a better, more environmentally-friendly approach is to break up the soil by core aeration.  
A technique long-used in turf care management on golf courses, the benefits are many.  Core
aeration allows the soil to "breath" better, allowing oxygen to get into the root system, plus water
travels down along with fertilizer and limestone.  Overseeding is also recommended at this time to
spur germination of new grass seed.  The plugs that are brought up by the aeration machine quickly
breakdown, creating a healthy topdressing.  Call us today for a soil analysis.  Usually an initial "core
out" is advised in the spring, then we'll get you on a once a year program, usually done in September.
We have signed up with Orange County to support
our veterans!  Those veterans possessing a
card (available to all veterans at the government
center in Goshen) are eligible for a discount for jobs
done by
Cory's Landscaping.

Please feel free to call  or e-mail me to discuss this
special program.
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Privacy screen of evergreen trees.
Planting beds for year-round color in the front of the home.
Backyard patio large enough for dining, grilling and firepit/sitting areas.