Lawn Installation
Landscape Maintenance
There's no getting around it.  Optimum results occur
when on a full turf care program.  Being up to date on the
latest technology in the golf and turfgrass industry, has
helped us achieve the results you want.  A properly timed
lawn maintenance schedule runs from March though
December.  Sunlight is key, along with good, organic soil
and irrigation.  Many homes in the Hudson Valley have
trees, robbing turf of the sunlight it needs.  Drought
conditions also cause concern during the hot months.  
Sprinkler systems should be considered.  A proper spring
and fall clean-up is essential to the lawns condition. All of
these topics can be discussed with us at any time.
EVERYONE HAS GRUBS!  How serious the problem
and what to do about it are as follows.  Applying a grub
control is fine, and there are many good products that
work, but it must get into the root system to effectively do
its job. Watering-in is key.  In a rainy summer, with proper
fertilization and a grub control,  the grubs can't eat fast
enough, and do little or no damage that is noticeable.
I was reading my Dad's book “Informal Gardening” the other day.  
On the back cover, he has a quote from the book that is as true
today, as it was in 1969, when the book was released.  

"IMPORTANCE OF TOPSOIL – You can talk to any number of
self-styled experts who maintain that their topsoil is only 1 inch thick
and that this is all anyone needs to create a lush lawn and garden.  
But when trouble strikes (drought), plant roots in 1 inch of topsoil
will have four times as hard a job surviving as those in four times
this depth.  True, you maybe able to save money initially by
skimping on topsoil, but how much will you really have saved when
you have to replace your lawn and garden”.
Full Lawn Care Program
Bed Revitalization with
Mulch & Decorative Stone
Bed Edging
Lawn Installation
Just remember, the grubs are in everyone's lawn.  The
question is
how are you controlling the problem?  
Irrigation is especially important.  However, when a
watering ban is in effect in your town, this makes things
almost impossible. Having a garden well installed is one
option.  Raising mower blade height, plus a lawn rich in
topsoil and at a proper depth helps a lot.  What's a
proper depth?  At least six inches, but the deeper, the
better for cooling the root system.